Hello All,
Photos of the 2012 Tour of Walla Walla are up. For the two road races, I took photos from the photo moto. I included a lot of photos which I hope will provide excellent, fun photos to print for memories, but will also document the race and what happened. As of now, I just picked out photos and uploaded them. They are not in exact order and they have not been edited. I will be putting them in order as the days go on. As far as editing, when you purchase a photo, I will edit it before I approve the order. If you have any special requests, such as cropping or black-n-white, I will be happy to edit to your specifications.
All the categories were exciting and I had an awesome seat to watch you all race. Great job racing and thank you to Allegro Cyclery, USAC, WSBA, and everyone else who made this event possible.